London, UK! Primrose Hill & Yelp, Digital Shoreditch & Strongroom event: Mad Scientist Soirée!

Primrose Hill
Monday May 11th 2015
Tube stop (Northern line): Camden Town (with a 20 minute walk to the hill)
Time: You definitely need to cut out half a day to enjoy the hill 🙂
Advice: Bring an old scarf or blanket if you don’t like to sit bare on the grass. OH and strawberries. This is a romantic strawberry date spot 😉
I rolled all around the grass. No shame. It was amazing.

My dearest and best friend Inez is visiting me this week and she is no stranger to London. That means we can explore London London and not Big Ben.

I have never been to Primrose Hill. I have seen so many beautiful pictures of it and we agreed t’was finally the perfect time to go.
Before heading to Camden Town we had lunch in Holborn (Piccadilly Line) at this Vietnamese place Banh Mi Bay [].
We both had beef stir fry and the summer rolls. SO GOOD. If you’re in the area, Go. I love their food.
2 stir fry and a summer roll came out to 18 GBP total.


Then we headed to Camden Town and walked to Primrose Hill. Google said it would be a 20 minute walk from Camden town station, it felt like a 35 minute walk but the route was scenic and the houses were adorable in pastel colors so we let it slide this time google maps.
We finally made it to the hill and it was worth it!
We parked our butts on the soft grass, passed out, enjoyed the view and people watched 🙂
I would recommend Primrose Hill as a half day getaway from the busy concrete jungle that is London.
It was quiet and calm. Keep in mind that we did go on a Monday BUT because it is a mission to get here I don’t think it usually gets packed.
It’s also a great picnic spot.
On our way back we walked through Regents Park to Baker street and got some Chipotle OF COURSE 😉



Yelp, Digital Shoreditch & Strongroom event: Dr. Xander Alexander’s Mad Scientist Soirée!
Tuesday May 12 from 6-11pm at Strongroom
Closet Tube stop: Whitechapel
Exclusive invite only event

My sister the fabulous fashion blogger [Styling with Sabrina] invited Inez and I to this exclusive crazy awesome event organized by Yelp and Digital Shoreditch that celebrates creativity!!
The theme was Mad scientist and we had a blast. I got to discover so many new food start ups that are damn delicious.
There were so many different foods to try and they were all for free. These below are my absolute favorites out of the crazy creative bunch! Really really delicious.

Primrose Bakery
They have one cafe in Primrose Hill and one in Covent Garden so what are you waiting for???

food2 food3 food4

Hot Box London
If you are a meat lover you have to go here.
I had some rib slabs and fell in love. I was too busy eating to take a picture but their instagram is the next best thing.

Harry Bromptons London Alcoholic Ice Tea
Fresh tea from Kenya, alcohol and no additives. Yes. YES.
It was refreshing and not too sweet which I love. I can’t stand drinks that are too sweet like soda.
You can get these bad boys at Sainburys, waitrose and ocado.




The London Marshmallow Company
I had a “Stokey” s’more with dark chocolate between two graham crackers. It melted together so nicely. I am planning when to go and get another one soon. You can get it at broadway market or here.

food7   smore3    smores2

Where can you get some?
Whole Foods, Amazon and many more small boutiques.
I had some chips with their different levels of salsa from mild to extremely hot. I tried each flavour and when I tried extremely hot I thought I was a badass and could handle it. A minute later my face was melting. It was great.


All natural ice lollies with no additives and all the flavor comes from the fruit itself.
They got us experimenting with some flavours. They made us try Strawberry Sambuca blindfolded. I’m not a fan of sambuca at all but inside the lollies with strawberries was so good. I also tried Kaluha and coconut. So refreshing and yummy!
Where can you get some?
There are tons of cafes and shops to pick some up.

licka licka3 licka4

Overall the event was amazing. Great job Yelp London, Digital Shoreditch and Strongroom for putting it together.
I leave you with one more picture. Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab 🙂

final words


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