Netherlands! Amsterdam.

6 day trip.
July 1st – July 6th
Airplane: EasyJet
Bought tickets 2 weeks before. Very last minute.
Total: 94 GBP Roundtrip
Journey: 45 mins in the air so about 1 hour from take off to landing.
I took one carry on bag. Easyjet lets you take only one bag, either carry on or purse/laptop. Not both. I always make everything fit into my carry on.

My best friend (Inez) lives in Amsterdam and we visit each other back and forth.
It was my turn to go visit her.
I am not new to Amsterdam. I LOVE the city. This is probably my 7th time or something.
It is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. The canals that surround the city calm me down. The city has a great vibe. It is an easy and quick getaway  if you need to get out of a big city like London. This trip was just for me to relax for a few days.




Restaurant: Tolhuistuin
Small portions & delicious
2 dishes for 13 Euros

Walking around

Coffee with Inez & Bruce (cutie next to me)
ams5 Ams6

Cinema time at Pathe Tuschinski. Gorgeous!
12 Euros for a ticket.

amscinema amscinema2

FoodHallen. ❤ My new favorite place.

amsfoodhallen5 amsfoodhallen3Amsfoodhallen2

Hotdog = 5 Euros.
amsfoodhallen6 amsfoodhallen7
I had the truffle burger if it wasn’t clear enough.
Burger and fries for 15.50 Euros

Local Goods Store
Facebook page:

amsstore2amsstore  amsstore3  amsstore4 IMG_0718

Night walks
Amsnight amsnight2

Picnic by the canal 🙂


Basking in happiness 🙂
Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab 😉




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