5 tips for anyone moving to New York, U.S.A!

I moved to New York exactly three weeks ago. The city is full of energy and just makes you feel good.
I’m staying in Brighton Beach at the moment at my grandma’s place until I find an apartment.

image1 (2)

One question I always keep asking friends when I meet up is ‘what are your top tips for someone who moved to NY?’
They look at me with this stare then crumble into this thinking position and say …I…don’t…know
Well I definitely have some major basic tips for anyone moving into the city as I am going through it myself.

  1. Get a phone number
    Whatever you do. Get a number. Get a pay-as-you-go sim and top that baby up. Once you get settled is when you can figure out a plan and all.
    Seriously. I was stupid enough to not have a number for the first two weeks. Worst mistake ever.
    [Photo Creative Commons Flickr GabboT]

  2. Buy a monthly unlimited Metrocard
    This is super important because that is how you are going to travel. A lot of people will tell you to not get the unlimited card because you don’t really know how often you will use the subway in the beginning but ignore that! You need to explore the city, go apartment hunting, meet with friends ETC.
    It goes on and on and you will save money by getting that unlimited pass BUT! don’t lose it. I haven’t lost mine yet so I can’t help you if you did.
    I would suggest talking to the subway attendants.
    ALSO A MUST- Get the Subway metro map app so you always know where you are!
    [Photo Creative Commons Flickr Mr.TinDC]
  3. Apartment Hunting Help
    Yes, it can be difficult but the websites listed below helped me a ton! You tick all your preferences and find the best one for you.
    I saw 5 apartments in one day and I think I even found the one ❤
    Here are the websites:
    A) StreetEasy
    B) Town Residential
    C) Zillow
    [Photo Creative Commons Flickr Aurelien Guichard]
  4. Explore locally.
    New York City is the only place in the world where I already know so many people that already live here. It’s a global hub!
    Call them up and meet up in THEIR neighbourhood.
    This way they can take you to a great restaurant, coffee shop, brunch etc. in the area. This is the best way to explore New York and use that metrocard!
    Now, if you do not know many folks in NY then I would recommend tackling the city by storm, jump onto that subway and have fun.
    Of course, stay safe. Until you get a better idea of  how the city works try to explore during the day so then you’re not lost at night.
    I have gotten lost so many times at night (without a phone number too -so stupid, I know) so stay safe and smart.
    [The photo below is mine. I actually saw that in Alphabet city]
    image1 (2)
  5. Go see the Brooklyn Bridge
    It is so beautiful. Go for the sunset and watch the night lights on a bench next to the water.
    You won’t regret it.
    [Photos below are mine]
    image2 (2) image3 (2)
    If you guys have any tips please comment and let me know!
    Until my next adventure.
    See you soon, Gab 😉

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