3 Startups you should know about

Hi guys,
I was missing in action in February because a lot had happened.
My Ukrainian grandmother passed away from leukemia. She fought a long, tough battle and I miss her deeply. I spoke about her in my audio tour post here, Brighton Beach and Coney Island! Brooklyn, NY, USA

Another huge event that happened around the same time was that I was offered an incredible job.
It was a huge blessing, and I am so proud to be a part of this groundbreaking startup.

I work in the Columbia University Startup Lab in Manhattan. Every day I get the opportunity to meet amazing people, hear their stories and learn about their startups.

So, this post is to tell you about the startup I work for and two other startups that I know you will love.

1) WordsEye

WordsEye is the next big thing (in my opinion). I work for WordsEye as their Community Manager.
It is a web application that lets anybody create 3D scenes simply by describing them, and it is free.
By using language, anyone can describe 3D scenes very quickly and easily. WordsEye unlocks the incredible power of 3D graphics by making it accessible to everyone.
The picture below was made by only typing – “There is a bird. The ground is translucent. It is morning.”

ready for takeoff

Our Vision is to unlock the creative potential of humanity.
Our Mission is to make creative visual communication as simple as sending a text message.

WordsEye won the Grand Prize at the 2013 New York State Business Plan Competition and was named one of the 15 most innovative products at Demo Mobile 2013. It was also recently named one of the top 10 emerging startups at Launch Festival 2016.
They have been featured in many media outlets such as The Washington Post, PSFK, WIRED Germany, Engadget, Product Hunt and many more.

Register here to get an access code and start typing a picture: https://www.wordseye.com/registration

Below is only a SNAPSHOT of what users have been making.
Follow us and check it all out

2) ToastBack

This app lets you buy drinks for your friends anytime and anywhere!
Wait, what? Once you purchase a drink for your friend on the app, then they can redeem drinks at participating locations.
ToastBack is a data analytics and mobile ad tech platform for alcohol brands. Using ToastBack, users can propose toasts to friends while they’re out, or even at home enjoying a drink. For every toast, ToastBack donates money to clean water projects for every toast submitted through the app. Users can then brag about their donations through the app, and track how many people their toast has helped.

toast back

3) Dinerscode

DinersCode is a one-stop destination for the best New York City restaurants perks. Their customers can search for free offers at restaurants, cafés, and bars by neighborhood and price range. They the more they dine, the more perks they get!

Founded by Hitomi Kimura, and launched in September 2015, DinersCode was inspired by two former executives from JP Morgan and Sony, who were frustrated by the plethora of unreliable sources and ratings on the Internet.

Having been to over 700 restaurants in New York City alone, Hitomi curate restaurants in your area through heavy research to ensure the quality and perks you experience.

Follow Dinerscode here:



If you liked this post, let me know!
I’ll make sure to keep you updated with the latest startups that have caught my eye.
Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab 😉
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