Queens is the most underrated borough in New York City!

Queens is the most underrated borough in New York City. 
Queens is a gem of a borough. Seriously. 
I love living in Queens.
It’s easily the most ethnically diverse part of the city.
I don’t understand why people (who aren’t from Queens) get fussy about Queens.
And, I don’t live in Astoria or Long Island City, I live deep deep into Queens.
I’m in Forest Hills.
What does that mean?

That means it takes me 45 minutes with the express fast train to get into Manhattan and more than a hour if I were to take the local (slow) train.

There are so many pros to living in Queens including…
1) You get to escape from the city
2) You get to have peaceful alone time without the noise of the city
3) You have all the food you could ever imagine
4) Your neighbors are either awesome or keep to themselves

I’m gonna break down 10 reasons why Queens is a great place to live

1. The Farmers Markets are glorious!
You can get affordable fresh produce all over Queens! The Jackson Heights and Forrest Hills Farmers Markets are both open on Sundays year-round.
2. Shopping is no problemo
Right past Jackson Heights, you honestly have all the shopping you need between Elmhurst and Woodhaven Blvd (Queens Center Mall).
Oh! Don’t forget the shopping center at Rego Park. You also have your popular shopping streets such as Austin Street.

3. There’s a Deli/Bodega at every corner.
Leo’s Latticini/Mama’s
If you pass by this gem order the mozzarella and roasted red peppers.
4. Martha’s Country Bakery is the BEST place to satisfy your sweet tooth.
If you want to take your sugar high to the next level you must stop by Eddie’s Sweet Shop.
FullSizeRender (2)

5. Queens is diverse!
It’s the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world, with residents representing over 100 nations and speaking over 138 languages. This AD from StreetEasy is spot on.

6. The Museum of Moving Image is great unique alternative to a cinematic experience.
I went and saw The Hateful Eight extended version in 70mm film.
It was phenomenal.

7. There’s incredible food everywhere you look.
Just to name a few mouth watering spots…
– Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House
 Himalayan Yak
Tu Casa
– Los Mismos Amigos
– Rincon Criollo

8. Astoria is known for its famous Greek Cuisine.
Dig in at either Bahari Estiatorio or Elias Corner!

9. There are gorgeous hidden walks all over Queens!
If you love the great outdoors, you’ll love Queens.
This goes without saying but please be safe and don’t explore alone.

10. I live in a spacious apartment that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!
Yup, that’s right.
I talk about apartment hunting here: 5 tips for anyone moving to New York

If you guys have any tips please comment and let me know!
Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab 😉


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