My friends & their receipts

*Inspiration via Manrepeller. Thank you*

I’m pretty grateful to know some really cool and inspiring people.
Each friend featured lives in a different country and operates on a different currency.
I asked a few of my friends to collect some receipts throughout their day/week to get a glimpse into their life.


Where? Current Country Singapore, SGP
International Business Analyst.
Her comments: I work typically from 9-9 on average and only the weekends for myself. Most of my colleagues let off steam by partying hard, but I like pampering myself and just soaking in the culture. Solitude is a luxury, for me at least, since teams are usually very tight-knit because they send us to countries where we normally don’t know anyone and we only have each other. For me though, I’m so used to traveling on my own and discovering places/people just by wandering around that I prefer it. In the past 9 months, I’ve called 5 countries “home” (France, Czech, Australia, Ireland & Singapore) that the time for myself is really when I re-calibrate and stay grateful.

Where? Mexico City, MEX
Subdirector of International Financial Organisations.
Her comments: It was a very bad movie by the way!

Where? London, UK
Full-time student. Part-time Fashion Stylist. Part-time Nanny.
Her comments: I got stuff from Tesco, went to my favorite sandwich shop (Truth) and of course when to Troubadour with some friends.

Where? Amsterdam, NLD
Full time student. Full time activist. Full time academic researcher.
Her comments: A few things at Zara and Foodplaza.

Where? Florida, USA
Runs her own marketing business, Davis Smith Group.
Her comments: Food. food. food.

Where? Poznan, POL
Runs her family business and is Instagram famous.
Her comments: I love coming here!!

Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab😉


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