Spring, you there?

Spring, you there?
I honestly have no clue.
One day it’s hot, one day its mother fudging cold.
New York can not make up its mind.
I can tell you some pretty sweet things you can do in New York during the spring time.
*I was supposed to post this in May*

Update: I’ve decided to try to live a Plant-based lifestyle for a few months purely for health reasons. That means I am NOT paleo anymore. I went from 0% – 100% vegan so you will see a lot of vegan options here.

  1. By Chloe
    Delicious. Affordable. You’ll be spending probably $15 for your meal which is pretty good. Everything is vegan. PLEASE try their Mac & Cheese. It is unreal!
  2. Bunna Cafe
    No joke. This is probably one of my top 5 favorite places to eat in NYC. It is located in Brooklyn (1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237).  $32 for 2 people. Huge plates to share. Very filling and phenomenal flavors. Bunna Cafe is also all vegan.
  3. Coney Art Walls 
    Known as the outdoor museum of street art. This is a great day adventure to take on a Saturday. You’ll get to explore the famous Coney Island and Brighton Beach while you’re out there. The Coney Art Walls are free and fun. The art work is bright, colorful, meaningful and unique. Check it out for yourself. 
  4. The Park
    I think this is a hidden gem. This a perfect place for a date or an intimate time with close friends.
    It will probably be around $30 or less per person for food.
  5.  Magic Jewelry
    This is different but interesting and worth while if you love anything spiritual.
    They take pictures of your aura and give you a personalized reading of it for $20.
    This is my picture below 🙂

Until my next adventure.
See you soon, Gab😉


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